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Goldman Family Portrait

Sunday was an auspicious day where a bunch of people, whose names’ started with “J”, convened for a family portrait. The honorees were Jonah🎂, Joyce🎂, Jake, and Jordana (sorry Paul and Whitney). Maybe we can add a silent “J” to the beginning of your names so I can add you to the list of honorees.

What struck me is not how nice and welcoming the family was to a total stranger whose job was to forever imprint a sliver of their soul to a digital medium. (Maybe it was because my name also started with a “J”?) What stood out to me is how much of a future Wall-Street business-man I saw in Jonah. I mean, here he is answering a phone like a power player during the middle of a photo-shoot.family portrait savannah jhlphotography

There were a couple of other things that also stood out, during the time we spent together, that screamed Wall-Street to me like his use of Wall-Street lingo such as fart noises at people he didn’t like (me!) invading his space. And flat out refusing (after tasting) the cupcake his mom Whitney was offering, because he innately knew there just had to be a bigger, better cake out there for him to partake in (spoiler – there was!). For Jonah the cupcake was a deal for chumps. Such a power move from a future 1%-er.

#jonahforwallstreet: Turning Down Chump Deals since 2016.

Thanks Jake, jWhitney, Jonah, Jordana, Joyce and jPaul!


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  • Jordana

    on July 26, 2017  10:57 am

    If he does well on Wallstreet, maybe he can pay off the remainder of his Aunt's student loans!

    • JLUO

      on July 26, 2017  11:46 am

      And maybe tip the guy who discovered him lol!

  • Joyce Harding

    on July 26, 2017  12:02 pm

    Such a fun time, think I'll have to adopt you Jimmy! Welcome to the family. 😉

    • JLUO

      on July 26, 2017  12:54 pm

      Definitely fun and thanks! I'll need some floaties for the pool. I don't swim so well. #adoptionbaggage

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